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Estimated True Cost of Power with Legend Power Systems

As we trend towards more renewable power sources, national averages for power quality are expected to degrade by 32% in less than 3 years and by 60% between 3 to 8 years. Do you know how well you are doing? Or will it cost you thousands if not millions in the near future?

Energy Savings

Estimated Annual Savings

Estimated 20 Year Savings

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Annual Savings (tonnes CO2eq)

20-Year Excess GHG Emissions (tonnes CO2eq)

Avoided Regional Penalties

Risk Reduction

Estimated Average Risk Mitigation

Estimated 20 Year Savings

Occupant Satisfaction

Power fluctuation events per year

Power fluctuation events eliminated over 20 years
Qualitative Impacts

Reduction of events can increase system performance, occupant satisfaction and revenue while reducing expenses

# of Buildings
Minimal Energy Waste & Minimal Operating Impact
Energy wasted 2.5%-4.0% Increased Operating Temps 10%
Energy Waste Of 4.0% or more Increased Operating Temps Greater than 10%
Minimal Decreased Life Expectancy
Decreased Life Expectancy of 10% - 20%
Decreased Life Expectancy Greater Than 20%
Less than 24 Variation Events Per Year
Between 25-50 Variation Events Per Year
More Than 50 Energy Variation Events Per Year